Tree House book is growing

Another session of laser-cutting at Huddersfield Uni yesterday.  Making the cutting template in Illustrator on Sunday night nearly drove me mad - all those branches - aagh.  The technician asked me if I suffered from OCD - cheek!

I was hoping to cut quite a few of these, but something was wrong with my file and the laser started recutting over already cut lines so I had to call it a day until I can sort my template.  I think I may have forgotten to flatten my layers in Illustrator, thus confusing the tiny mind of the mighty laser-cutter.  All very annoying because I now have to wait two weeks for another available booking.


Sue said...

There is a difference between OCD and determination -!
The combination of talent and research and hard work really pay off when I view your blog.
You let me, the viewer, into your way of thinking, I am able to share your despair, joy and creative thought.

Thank you, Angie.


Thanks Sue. By the way, David the technician was only joking. I'm glad you enjoy the blog.