Ice and Fire - Happy returns of green

Through ice or fire, the green always finds its way back.

Wren Collages

You might recognise the patterns in these wren woodcut/collages as they've been made entirely from pre-used business envelopes.

There are a lot of wrens around here at the moment I'm glad to say. Its always a worry that the freezing nights might have done for many of them. How amazing that such a small bird can survive all winter.

They do huddle together in hollow trees and bird boxes which explains their Latin name -  Troglodytes - meaning hole dweller. The record number of Wrens seen roosting together in one box is 63!

Spring, please come soon

The birds are tuning up loudly and even flying around with nest building twigs. Can't wait for Spring.

Paper and Light

This time last year I was rapidly being taken over by the 28 Drawings later project.  It was a great challenge and I'm glad I did it but also very tiring and I'd already decided not to repeat the process in 2013 before organiser Victoria Evans decided not to run it this year as she is busy with other work.

I did have a good review of all the work I did for the project  (now residing in a large cardboard box) and feel it would be worthwhile revisiting some of the ideas during this February.

But in the meantime I've been playing around with an older scrappy little piece of work that's been lurking and gathering dust in my studio for the past 4 or more years - a simple little paper cut of brambles and weeds along the reservoir bank - I've enjoyed experimenting with placing white on white and seeing what can be done with a completely basic lighting set up and a few sheets of coloured acetate.