October Leaves

I'm still closely observing the floating leaves - the way they press down on the surface of the water despite being so light.

On the same bill as a certain Mr Hockney

How exciting, my exhibition is on the same bill as David Hockney!

Or put another way,  the on-line listing for Bradford Museums and Galleries just happens to be advertising both exhibitions side by side.


I think this just about beats the previous height of sharing the same page as Patrick Hughes in the Cow Parade Manchester 2004 Auction catalogue but its a close run thing.

Of course these tiny whiffs of fame from the top table only serve to remind us groundlings of the depths of our degradation ha ha.

However, apart from the fag* mania, I've always thought David Hockney seems a good egg and I've enjoyed a lot of his work - paintings, prints and writing on art - so no disrespect, especially as he's a fellow tree lover.

*clarification for USA readers, slang for cigarette.