Inspired By Landscape II Exhibition at Cliffe Castle, Keighley

The residency I've been working on all Spring and Summer has culminated in the exhibition at Cliffe Castle, and the well attended opening was on Saturday afternoon.  After a lot of stress and effort the centrepiece large-scale drawings of reservoir valve towers with projected rippling water finally came to fruition.  They are hard to photograph well.  I've had to Photoshop this one. I'll try again soon.

The exhibition is on for over 3 months so plenty of time if you want to see it.  Cliffe Castle is a quirky world all of its own which has kind of grown on me over the past few weeks.  For more information about the residency and the Watershed Project visit my Catchwater blog here

Canal at Machpelah

Late afternoon sunlight pours onto the Rochdale canal just outside Machpelah's big windows. Disturbed by high winds the surface takes on an unreal solidity in these photographs, resembling shiny black obsidian.

More Machpelah Light

Two contrasting images of light in the big basement room at  Machpelah Mill. The cast-iron fireplace is crisp and still whilst the reflected window case is shifting and undefined.