1875 Albion Press Restored

A wonderful new addition to my studio equipment has arrived - this lovely little Albion Press made in 1875 and restored for me by the marvellous Giles Hovendon of AMR Press in Cumbria.

I'd always dreamed of having an Albion press ever since I fell in love with one on the printmaking MA at Bradford College. The appeal was in its quirky appearance with those clawed feet and the easy, fluid action of the lever. I used to joke about nicking it, never imagining I'd ever legitimately own one.

I first met this particular press in July last year when it was a slightly sad looking collection of disassembled lumps of metal and wood in Birstall.

Completely out of the blue I was given the opportunity to own it if I could arrange for the press to be removed from Birstall within a deadline of 3 weeks.  I spent a few sleepless nights wondering how on earth I could get it rebuilt and the broken bits mended on my limited budget but only a fool would say no to such a chance...

On-line research led me to AMR Press and from there it was all easy as Giles arranged to transport it up to Cumbria, mend and then bring to my studio in Hebden Bridge. He also made me a custom fitted tympan as that bit was missing. Thank you Giles for doing such a good job and putting it all together in my studio even though you had a painful injury.

There are two people who made it all possible in the first place, and to them I will be eternally grateful for their generosity.