Local Shacks in Hebden Bridge

I love the Wikipedia definition  - "A shack is a type of small house , usually in a state of disrepair."

Here are some local shacks I've been working on recently.  I've been experimenting with a more stripped down, linear style of drawing.

You could call them sheds, huts or shanties as there are a lot of different names to describe the same kind of thing, but just now I like the word shack, even though these local buildings are not really what you could call a 'small house'.  

I expect there are subtle differences within the taxonomy of dilapidated buildings - what makes a shed not a hut, for example. I'm too tired to think about this tonight as I've spent all weekend and the previous week completely rebuilding and reorganising my studio space. What was a messy shack-like area is now more of a super organised roofless shed within the larger studio space. 

Scammonden Reservoir

Following the visit to Ringstone reservoir the other week we continued on to Scammonden. Never having walked there, I had always thought of this reservoir as being rather a grim place as the M62 runs all along the dam and there is a continuous flow of giant lorries grinding past.

Actually, once you get down to the far reaches of the res, the motorway disappears completely behind the curve of the hill and it becomes peaceful and very attractive. On the day I visited the air seemed crystalline with every detail sharply illuminated and wonderful contrasts between jewel bright leaves, silken water, feathery twigs and deep shade.

Ringstone Reservoir - Indigo and Ultramarine

On Monday I made an addition to my 'collection' of reservoir valve towers.  This one is at Ringstone Reservoir, on Ringstone Edge Moor above Barkisland. Its rotund and flask like shape made me think of the temple of Angkor Wat in Cambodia although really there's not that much resemblance.

The brilliant wintery sunshine in an almost clear November sky made for mesmerising blue water lapping round this semi submerged small tree.

I wondered about the lovely name Ringstone before noticing a nearby cairn circle marked on the map and a distinct unploughed green circle within the brown furrows of the corresponding field beyond the water.

I'd have liked to explore the circle but there didn't seem to be any access as two sides of the reservoir are closed off to provide undisturbed overwintering for birds such as Golden Plover and Lapwings like these flying over the remains of the ring.

Lapwings are wonderful birds and this week I've been lucky enough to see quite large flocks of them here in the South Pennines over Ringstone and at Pitsford Res in Northamptonshire.

Water Street Gallery

I have some Artist's Books and paper sculptures on show at this lovely Gallery in Todmorden.
Tonight's preview was really enjoyable and a feast for the eyes.  So many new and interesting works, presented beautifully so no sense of crowding even though there is a lot of work in a fairly intimate space. Highly recommended, the exhibition continues until 13th January.