'Rock Pools'

These magical little pools among the rocks and rushes on the moors fascinate me and are finding their way into my work. They come and go depending on the rainfall and are often a blue surprise within the acres of green/gold rushes and the rich brown peat. These particular examples are on the rocky ridge above Widdop Reservoir on the northern side, one of my favourite haunts just now.

More Collaged Prints

Really getting into messing around with the collaged print scraps concept now.  It seems a long time since I started doing this type of thing last summer for one of my Watershed Landscape books.

Originally these ones here were going to be 3 sets of CD case sized triptychs but once I tacked them on my studio wall I liked this arrangement and don't want to separate them.  They look nicer in real life - sometimes digitising work seems to crudify the colours.

Now all I need is a nice squarish frame and a title. 'The World Above' I'm thinking, as the inspiration was the watery world of reservoirs and pools on the high moors round here, with the rushes, the cotton grass and the crowberry plants.

Collaged Prints

From bits and pieces of slightly imperfect prints - I hate waste - they can always be transmuted into something else.  These CD sized mini triptychs are for the Water Street Gallery in Todmorden. The show will be called 'Just in Case' and features work exhibited in CD jewel cases.

Watershed Landscape Project

Great news, the Watershed Landscape Project for which I was artist in residence last year has made it to the finals of the National Lottery Awards Best Environment Project.  As a passionate lover of the South Pennine uplands I feel really excited to have been part of such a well received project that has worked towards greater access and appreciation of our fantastic moors.

You can vote for the project here

Wild and Wonderful Widdop - Art Walk

A glorious day at Widdop, warm and sunny for most of the time with just a very brief shower at the end. There were 14 of us and everyone seemed to enjoy the opportunity to walk and sketch out in the landscape, the changing light and air movements making a dynamic vista to challenge and inspire.

It was all about taking part and having a go, rather than trying to create a polished artwork but I was impressed by the quality of work done.  There were some really marvellous drawings and paintings, full of of life and sensitivity - the quality you always get when working from real life.

Thanks to Pennine Prospects for organising the Walk and Ride Festival, a great way to get more people out in the magnificent South Pennines and trying out new outdoor activities.  There are loads more events going on over the next two weeks so take a look on the website here as there's bound to be something that takes your fancy.  Get out there before the big chill of winter sets in!

Widdop Sketches

Getting excited about the art walk on Sunday - the weather forecast seems to be indicate the prospect of some sunshine, can this really be true?...

These sketches were made a while ago and done from the shelter of a car whilst the rain hammered down.  The poor lamb, aghast and shivering, was cringing into a little hollow by the side of the road.

 I used a Derwent charcoal pencil on rough cartridge paper. The pencil was a bit clumsy and big for the scale of the drawing but I quite like the gritty marks.