28 Drawings Later - The Third Week

I don't know if anyone else felt the same but I found the third week of this project to be challenging. Making a 3D drawn object each day became all consuming and I've been neglecting other things I ought to be doing... One thing thats become very apparent is the importance of well thought out lighting when taking the photographs of the drawings, and that in itself has also been time consuming.


Today 3 buzzards were circling over Midgehole Road on the way to Hardcastle Crags, in a glorious ultramarine sky, making that unmistakeable slightly eery meeeew call they do.

I don't know why but I have hardly ever seen buzzards just around here in the past 24 years of looking. It has always seemed strange to me and I can only think it must be something to do with grouse rearing and gamekeepers, if you know what I mean.

Had the 'wrong' lens on my camera so could not get a close up.

28 Drawings Later - The Second Week

Here's the second week's set of drawings. I got quite excited by the crumpled/folded paper landscapes concept until I suddenly felt the need to look at bones again.

The bird skull is based on one I found in North Norfolk last year. I guessed it was a wader's and Googling confirmed it as originally belonging to an Bar Tailed Godwit. I did say my drawings had to be based around the South Pennine locale but it turns out that Bar Tailed Godwits are sometimes seen at Fly Flats Reservoir just over the hill so thats OK then.

Icy Heart

Heart shaped hole in the frozen canal

28 Drawings Later - The First Week

Help! this drawing project is taking over my life (but in a good way).  The 3D parameter I set myself means that I can't just knock off a quick drawing and scan it, so the project is taking up time and generating a certain amount of pressure. The benefit is I'm thinking a lot about the drawing process and what constitutes a drawing. Also of course, I'm making lots of work.  Here's the first week's results  with the most recent at the top:

Drawings for new woodcut

I've started work on the drawings for a new woodcut in the Enfolding Landscape series - part of a sheep's spine found up on the moor. Bones are fascinating and beautiful and strange. 

28 Drawings Later

I've signed up to take part in the 28 Drawings Later challenge ( 28 Drawings Later ). Hope I can keep going doing a drawing every day of the month, but feel I might run out of steam what with all the other stuff I'm doing.

Felt some self-imposed limitations are needed to avoid being overwhelmed by choice so am sticking to black and white and the subject has to be connected to the natural environment in my close neighbourhood.  As a final means of tightening the focus I've decided the drawings have to finish up as 3D objects rather than totally flat sheets of paper...

This is today's effort.