Inspired By Landscape - New Exhibition

Here's the invitation card for the new Inspired By Landscape exhibition I'm taking part in. I submitted images of all 3 of my reservoir valve towers and wish there had been room to include them all as they work much better as a group or triptych.

The gallery is too small to take my 8 ft by 5 ft charcoal drawings and their projected films of moving water, so instead I'm showing three A0 digital prints featuring montages of the tower drawings and photographs of reservoir water.

I've also made a new piece of work called 'What Colour Is Water?' but haven't found anywhere suitable  to photograph it yet.

For someone who loves light, I seem doomed to spend my time in shady places.  I would happily live in a mostly glass house if situated in a natural setting, like the top of a cliff, overlooking the sea...

Hebden Bridge Open Studios 2013 5th, 6th and 7th July

I've been working hard for the past month building a new website for Hebden Bridge Open Studios, editing and uploading all the 84 artists' details and images.

I volunteered in the full knowledge that it would be very time consuming, but have to say I underestimated just how much work would be involved.  I'm rapidly coming to the conclusion that loads of work = no money makes no sense at all.

Here's the link to the website:   Hebden Bridge Open Studios 2013

Unfurled (Buds in May)

Just one week ago these big fat pink and silver buds were bursting at the seams and seven days later the whole valley has gone pale green.