Northtown in colour

I've finished cutting my latest woodcut, 'Northtown' and have pulled a few proofs.  I like it in black and white, but have also been experimenting with hand-tinting.  I'm reasonably happy with the result here but need to find a way to avoid streaks in the grey hills.  Printing this block is a challenge as its at the maximum length the press can cope with. Also there are many fine lines that can fill in easily so inking-up must be done very carefully.


sue said...

Northtown looks splendid, both on the blog and in the Studio!

Impressive work - look forward to your next piece as ever.


Janis Goodman said...

I like it a lot - wonder what it would look like with a faint yellowy green wash over the hills - therefore curing the streaky problem ?! By the way I've put your name forward via my friend Hester for the Great North Art Show - happens in Ripon Cathedral and can be good for sales. They were evidently looking for more printmakers !