Drawing up on the moor

There's nothing better for sorting the sheep from the goats or whatever that saying is, than a drawing trip up  Oxenhope Moor on a freezing March morning.  It might have been sunny but the wind seemed to come straight from Siberia as me and my friend Vikki got off our little local bus in the middle of nowhere high above Crimsworth Dean.

The solution -  hunkering down behind a dry-stone wall and working quickly for as long as the warming sun stayed out.  An opportunity to continue my obsession with the swirling moor grass, and for Vikki to show how its done with panache in her cheery red coat. Thats not a spelling mistake by the way - cherry red is an altogether different colour!


Sue said...

Hi Angie and Vikki,
Brave souls hunkering down behind the gritstone walls - and producing such atmospheric work to complement the moors on a bleak day in the Pennine Hills.

Great stuff - keep it coming



Sue, we would have gone out again this week, only Vikki had a knee operation on Monday and is laid up. You are very welcome to join us on our next expedition.

Sue said...

Best wishes to Vikki - I'd be pleased to join you on your next venture into the wilds!!