More clever woodcutters

Finally found a few minutes to sort out a couple of photos from my woodcut class at Brooklyn Studios last Sunday.  The sheer inventiveness and skill of almost complete beginners never fails to surprise and delight me.  So here's two different takes on a woodland theme - Anna with her beguiling stag, and Rachel with her fabulous foxglove in the forest.

If you are interested in learning how to make woodcuts, my next intensive one day course is on Sunday 21st November, 10.30 am to 4 pm, at Brooklyn Studios off Valley Road in Hebden Bridge.  For more details contact me via, angie(dot)rogers(at)  This will be my final workshop during 2010.


Anonymous said...

Your students' works are exciting and show great talent - good teaching pays off!

I have really enjoyed reading Tumbling Hills - I especially like the glimpse into the workings of your creative thinking you give us - the use of words and photography provide a moving tribute to 'Mum'

Thanks for all the hard work.

ANGIE said...

Thanks for this, its good to know that someone is connecting.