Messy Studio

This week I've been working very intensively on a commissioned series of woodcuts, and the studio has started to become chaotic - you can't really see the mess in this photo but there's heaps of wood shavings all over the floor and my main work surface is piled high with tools, coffee cups, bits of tracing paper, ink and paint, ugh!

The commission is for Pennine Prospects, a local regeneration organisation based in Hebden Bridge.  Its the same company that's involved in the Watershed - Inspired by landscape residency I'll be doing next year. 

Working out the design for this Twite aka Pennine Finch in its natural habitat has been a challenge.  The leaves of the Yarrow are so feathery and finely detailed, my eyes are all mixed up.  The thing that looks like a giant bee, hovering over the Yarrow is actually a large knot in the wood, exposed when I gouged too deeply in a moment of wandering concentration!

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