Giant version of Winter Calligraphy Book

One of my tasks today was to make a very large (for me!) version of my tiny concertina book called Winter Calligraphy.  Its for my friends Sarah and Helen, to be part of the Christmas window display in their shop Spirals on the main street of Hebden Bridge.  They are having a Scandinavian theme featuring winter trees, reindeer and other lovely festive things.  I'm really pleased to have been asked to contribute.

The photo is taken in my studio this morning, but you can't tell the scale so its hopeless really.
The pages are about 33 cm square, basically the largest size I can print on the old Epson 2100.

I meant to go down to the shop later on to see how it works in the window space, but got involved in a printing session and by the time I'd cleaned a huge slick of black ink and two rollers it was 6.30 pm and too late.


Viv said...

Looking lovely! Can't wait to see it in situ. Viv x

Sue said...

This blog is so satisfying - you allow the viewer into your way of thinking and working in an informative and modest manner. The quality of the photography is excellent

Thanks, Angie

ANGIE said...

Thanks both, its great to get feedback!