52 Squared

Thought it was about time I posted about 52 Squared, a collaborative blog project I've been doing with my artist friend June Russell.  Every week since the beginning of 2010 we've been posting a square format image each on the broad theme of 'Journey'. The images are displayed side by side, mine on the left and June's on the right.  We never consult about what we are going to post, but always try to respond to the combination of images from the previous week. 
It would be possible to cheat, but what would be the point in that?

Its amazing how often we seem to be on the same wavelength, making the same visual connections.  Some weeks it really is uncanny, for example week 28 when June posted a photo of the head and arching neck of an ancient Greek? horse statue from Corfu and I posted a photo of an old curling, rusty gatepost from Calderdale.  Both images convey the idea of restrained coiled energy.

This project is so enjoyable, for the elements of surprise and synchronicity, chance and challenge, and I'm shocked to realise we are more than half way through the year now.
To view 52 Squared follow this link: http://52squared.blogspot.com  

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